Who are Jada's Java?

We are a small group of entrepeneurs and coffee fanatics who have taken our love for our favorite beverage and turned it into a business on wheels. We noticed a lack of coffee places in the suburbs of Music City, so we thought that we'd bring the coffee to you.


Jada Smith - Founder

A coffee enthusiast from practically birth, Jada created Jada's Java as a coffee place with excellent coffee that could be where you are. Besides coffee, Jada enjoys spending time with her family, reading on the beach, on going on walks with her two lovable dogs - Fergie and Maggie. Nothing helps to kick start her day quite like Jada's Java's coffee.

Rick Jones - Co-Founder

Rick has been a long time friend of Jada, and an accountant that helped Jada get her business off the ground. Combining his love of caffeine with his love of numbers, Rick has been in charge of crunching the numbers. In his off time, Rick enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and going on long hikes with his wife.


Upon visiting our truck, you will be greeted by one of these friendly faces. All of our employees share our love for coffee and use that to create a fun and friendly atmosphere with great tasting beverages and meals. Our employees have been with us since we started this company and take what we stand for very seriously.